Dental Bridge Fleming Island, FL

Do you have a single missing tooth? Are you missing multiple consecutive missing teeth? A dental bridge replaces one or more permanent lost teeth. Traditional dental bridges use adjacent crown-capped natural teeth for support. However, patients can receive dental implants to support a dental crown or bridge restoration. Dr. John Verville offers dental restorations like bridges that use implants. He works with his patients to create a customized, comfortable dental bridge in his Fleming Island, FL office.

Dental Bridges in Fleming Island, Florida

Benefits of Implant-Secured Dental Bridges

Our implant-supported dental bridges come with many advantages compared to traditional options. Implant-secured bridges:

  • Support bone and gum health
  • Prevent shifting and overcrowding teeth
  • Look and feel natural
  • Help prevent future bone loss

Ask us about dental bridges if you have missing teeth and want a stable and secure restoration. We will help create a restoration customized to your smile.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Fleming Island, FL

Before treatment, we ensure patients do not have problems like decay or gum disease. Once patients are in good oral health, we plan their treatment. Patients who want a traditional bridge will have a shorter treatment time, though their restoration will not last as long as an implant-secured bridge. A traditional bridge is made of a false tooth or teeth secured by abutment teeth covered by dental crowns. We will take impressions of the teeth and gums to create the crowns and bridge prosthetic.

If patients want implant-secured dental bridges, we can see if they are viable candidates with dental x-rays. Additionally, we can perform bone grafting services as needed to create enough healthy bone tissue to support the implants. To create an implant-supported bridge, we take dental impressions for a temporary bridge. Then, we place the implants in the jaw bone tissue. After the implants heal fully, we take new impressions to create the final bridge.

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