Laser Dentistry Fleming Island, FL

Did you know that you can treat dental problems with a laser? Dental lasers are modern dental treatments we offer for patients who have gum disease, tongue-tie, lip-tie, or gummy smiles. Lasers use light and heat to precisely remove tissue and help patients address infections, eat, speak, and improve their smiles. Dr. John Verville and his team offer laser dentistry as a general dental treatment for patients in Fleming Island, FL.

Treatment with Dental Lasers in Fleming Island, Florida

Benefits of Dental Lasers

Advantages of treatment with laser dentistry include: 

  • Less post-surgical bleeding
  • Faster healing times
  • Precise treatment
  • No drills required
  • Minimal anesthetic 

Dental lasers are a safe and more efficient option than traditional surgery. Patients with dental anxiety also do not need to worry about loud drills or tools because dental lasers offer quiet treatment. 

Laser Dentistry in Fleming Island, FL

Our dental office uses BIOLASE® and Waterlase® dental lasers. These lasers offer comfortable and precise treatment that targets the soft tissues and does not affect the surrounding gums or bone. With these lasers, we can perform multiple treatments: 

  • Frenectomy: Patients with tongue-tie have a band of tissue connecting the underside of their tongue to the floor of the mouth. For patients with lip-tie, this tissue connects the inside of the upper lip to the gum tissue. Cutting this tissue with a dental laser frees the tongue or lip, which makes it easier for patients to eat and speak properly. 
  • Gingivectomy: A gingivectomy benefits patients with deep gum pockets caused by gum disease. During this treatment, we remove the walls of the pockets so we can access and remove the plaque and tartar from the gums and tooth roots.
  • Gum Contouring: If patients have a “gummy smile,” it means they have excess gum tissue above the top teeth. We can create a more even smile by removing this gum tissue with a dental laser. Gum contouring creates a natural, seamless look that balances the ratio of gum to tooth enamel.

Restore Your Gum Health

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