Porcelain Veneers Fleming Island, FL

A dental veneer is a thin ceramic or porcelain shell that attaches to a tooth’s front and sides. Patients can receive one or multiple dental veneers in their smile line. As cosmetic dental treatments, dental veneers can address slightly crooked teeth, discolored teeth, tooth gaps, and dental injuries. In addition, we bond veneers to teeth to create a brighter, straighter-looking smile. Dr. John Verville and his team provide porcelain veneers in Fleming Island, FL, to help patients reach their cosmetic goals and improve the health of their smiles. 

Porcelain Veneers in Fleming Island, Florida

Porcelain Veneers in Fleming Island, FL

Before veneer treatment, we will thoroughly examine the smile and ensure that there are no signs of gum disease or tooth decay. Once we ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy, we take dental impressions of the treated teeth. We send these impressions to a local dental lab, which creates a trial model of the dental veneers.

 Then, we place the temporary veneers on the teeth and ensure that the patient likes the shape and size of the veneers. During the following visit, we prepare the teeth for the veneers. We may remove previous dental treatments, like bonding, and ensure that the tooth enamel is prepared properly. Then, we take another set of impressions for the dental lab to create the final veneers. After we receive the final veneers, we make minor adjustments and use bonding material to place them on the teeth.

Dental Veneer Q&A

Learn more about veneers and related treatments with answers to these commonly asked questions:

Do I need porcelain veneers or tooth bonding treatment?

Dental veneers are best suited to patients with staining, crooked teeth, or tooth gaps who want a longer-lasting option. Tooth bonding treatment uses composite resin material to cover broken or discolored teeth. Bonding is a more economical option than dental veneers but offers a more temporary fix.

What are the benefits of dental veneers? 

Veneers can cover tooth discoloration, close spaces between teeth, improve the look of misaligned teeth, and repair broken teeth. Dental veneers are also stain-resistant, and we can color match veneers to natural tooth enamel. Once patients complete treatment, their veneers will blend in with their smiles.

How do you care for dental veneers?

You can brush and floss your veneers gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Do not use abrasive whitening toothpaste, as this can still damage the veneers and natural enamel. Also, do not chew on ice, eat excessively hard or chewy foods, or use your teeth as a tool, as this can damage the veneers. 

Do porcelain veneers damage teeth?

Veneers cover tooth damage and will not break or injure your natural teeth. However, patients must be sure that they want a more permanent, longer-lasting option, like veneers, before treatment. Treatment with veneers cannot be reversed because of tooth preparation.

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