Emergency Dentist Fleming Island, FL

Have you just lost a permanent tooth? Do you have severe tooth pain? In the event of a dental emergency, you can contact Dr. John D. Verville Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry at 904-284-9911. We help patients maintain oral health with emergency dentistry in our Fleming Island, FL office. However, if you have trauma to the head, neck, or another part of the body in addition to dental injuries, please call a hospital. We can provide you with dental care afterward. 

Emergency Dental Care in Fleming Island, Florida

Emergency Dentist in Fleming Island, FL

Our emergency dental services can treat a variety of dental problems and help restore comfort and aesthetics to patients’ smiles: 

Knocked Out Tooth

You can try to place your lost tooth back in your mouth if it is knocked out of your mouth. Once you locate the tooth, rinse it in cool water, and avoid touching the tooth roots. Then, gently place the tooth back in its socket and bite down. If you cannot reattach the tooth, call our office. Transport the tooth to us in a cup of saliva. You may also place the tooth in your cheek to keep it moist. We may be able to reattach the tooth if you reach our office promptly. A dental implant can also restore the tooth at its root.


Severe tooth pain can have multiple causes, from a dental injury to a tooth abscess. Avoid biting near the tooth or teeth causing pain, and take a pain reliever at home. Contact our office, and we will find the source of your pain. We can provide you with a dental crown, veneer, or bonding treatment if you have an injury. Additionally, we can perform an extraction or root canal if you have an infection.

Broken Tooth

If you have just broken a tooth, gently rinse your mouth with water. Apply pressure to the area with a clean cloth. Additionally, if you can locate the chipped-off portion of the tooth, transport it to our office in a cup of saliva. We may be able to reattach it to the tooth. For broken teeth, we recommend dental crowns, veneers, or dental bonding treatment.

Lost or Broken Dental Restoration

Have you just broken or lost a bridge, denture, filling, or crown? Do not try to place the restoration back in your mouth if it is broken. You may bring the restoration to our office, and we can plan treatment.

Damage to Soft Tissues

Rinse your mouth thoroughly if you have hurt or cut your tongue, cheeks, lips, or gums. You can use salt water or antiseptic mouthwash to clean your mouth. Then, press a moist cloth or gauze on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also reduce swelling with an ice pack. Most of the time, bleeding may seem more excessive than it is. However, if you grow concerned about excessive bleeding, contact our office.

Call Our Office Today

Please call us at 904-284-9911 if you have a dental emergency. You may request an appointment online if you do not have a dental emergency but still require dental care.