Why Straighten Teeth?

At Dr. John D. Verville Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, our dentist and team know that a straight smile is not only beautiful, but healthy as well. Straight teeth are less likely to develop dental problems because they are easier to clean and perform functions like chewing and speaking more effectively. Malocclusion problems such as an overbite, underbite, crossbite, and overcrowding can cause dental problems such as:

  • Gum Disease: Also known as periodontal disease, this bacterial infection occurs when plaque on the teeth infects the gum line, which often happens due to poor oral hygiene. Crooked teeth are more likely to trap food and bacteria, and they are also harder to clean.
  • TMJ Disorder: The temporomandibular joints open and close the jaw, and when there are problems with this system, then severe headaches, jaw pain, lockjaw, and teeth grinding may occur. Crooked teeth can cause an improper jaw alignment, which may contribute to this condition.
  • Tooth Injury: Crooked teeth are weaker than straight teeth and often protrude, which makes them more susceptible to damage from oral trauma.
  • Uneven Wear: A crooked smile means that some teeth have to work harder during chewing, while others hardly do anything at all. This problem results in uneven workload and wear to the teeth.

An orthodontist can improve the health of your smile by straightening it with braces or aligning trays. The brackets and wires of braces are attached to teeth and tightened regularly to shift their position. Aligners are removable and often used when the crookedness of teeth is not extreme.

Ask your orthodontist about what you can do to straighten your smile or visit Dr. John Verville for the clear, removable aligners Invisalign® orthodontics in Fleming Island, Florida.

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