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Are you familiar with the risk factors associated with bruxism? Bruxism is an oral health condition in which you slowly grind your teeth unconsciously. Bruxism can occur while you’re awake or while you’re sleeping. If you are suffering from bruxism while you sleep, several noted signs and symptoms may begin to show. To help protect your smile, self-diagnose the health of your teeth and gums every morning when you wake up to determine if bruxism damage is occurring.

Oftentimes with bruxism, an individual may show signs of dental damage and wear due to worn or flat teeth. Furthermore, if it appears that your teeth are shorter than normal, or you notice an extreme tooth sensitivity every morning when you wake up, it could be the result of sleep bruxism occurring. In addition, if you notice any face discomfort, tight or tired jaw muscles, or any physical damage to your cheeks or tongue, visit our dentist for bruxism examination and treatments. Through the application of a night guard or bite plate treatment, our dentist will be able to help you protect your smile and limit the effects of bruxism on your teeth and gums.

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