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Do you want a strong and healthy smile? If so, you need to keep enamel erosion at bay. This is because enamel erosion attacks the tooth enamel, weakens it, and promotes decay as well as other damage. Your tooth enamel is very important, so it’s important to keep it strong and healthy. To help you know more about enamel erosion, our dentist, Dr. John Verville, is happy to give you some information.

Enamel erosion causes
The typical causes of enamel erosion include:

-Consuming many acidic foods and beverages
-Dry mouth
-Acid reflux
-Morning sickness while pregnant
-Certain medications
-Fruit drinks

Enamel erosion signs
If you suffer enamel erosion, you likely experience tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration, tooth chips, and tooth indentations. You might even have a cavity or two.

Enamel erosion prevention
If you want to avoid enamel erosion, you should not have a highly acidic diet and you should limit snacking throughout the day, chew sugar-free gum often, drink water frequently, use fluoride toothpaste, use fluoride mouthrinse, and protect your teeth with dental sealants.

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