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Although fluoride can be found naturally in the natural world, getting it into your diet is no easy task. Fortunately, it has been added to an array of oral health care products and goods to ensure your teeth have one more advantage at their disposal to use in the battle against tooth decay and cavities.

Consider taking your oral health care to new heights with fluoride treatments. Let’s take a look!

– Fluoride products that are guaranteed effective and safe are those that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance given out by the American Dental Association.

– Fluoride supplements can be provided as lozenges, pill, tablets, and drops.

– Fluoride works to guard your tooth enamel against dental erosion and cavities, which is why it has been added to the public water supply.

– Fluoride has only been deemed dangerous in very large quantities, so it should be avoided completely with infants.

– Fluoride can often be seen in toothpaste, mouthwash, professional cleanings by your dentist, and in pill form.

– Fluoride is often added to systems as a supplementary oral health treatment, but it is also naturally found in bodies of water across the world.

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